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Jackson County Historical Society Archives

Photos from the Past


Enjoy the many photos of our past and if you have a photo to share, please mail it to: 


Karen Findley,

PO Box 942,

Oak Grove, MO 64075


or email us at



Please be sure to include your name and a brief message about the photo for the caption.



News Letters

View the Historical Society's News Letters that are packed with great old time memories, photos and information.

Stories of
the Past

Read and re-live the many stories that have been

submitted by our

Oak Grove Citizens. 


If you have a story to share, please mail it to:

Karen Findley

PO Box 942

Oak Grove, MO 64075



Story of Alfred Middleton and Family 

Special Events & Projects

Throughout the Year, the Oak Grove Historical Society holds fund-raising events and projects.  One of our on-going projects is the  "Commemerative Heritage Program" , a great way to honor the early residents of our community


Items for Sale 

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Theres always

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The Oak Grove

Historical Society's

2020 Christmas Ornament is

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Each year we offer a

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Historical Landmark. 



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