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2021 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Times

The Historical Society Meets on the 3rd Saturday of each Month,
10:00 a.m.
at the Oak Grove Historical Society, 1300 S Broadway, Oak Grove, MO



Meeting Minutes
July 17, 2021

The Oak Grove Historical Society met 17 July 2021

With 7 members and 1 visitor present.


The meeting was called to order by Pres. Pat Costigan, and the pledge to the flag was given.

A welcome was extended to the visitor, Bob Johnston, who lives on the Ferguson [Plantation] Farm south of town.    He spoke of the artifacts he had found so far.  He is looking for information regarding the place.  


The reading of the minutes of the June meeting were called for and read by Berta in the absence of Jerry.  Motion for approval was called for and approved by Wanda Wulfkammer, with second by Marcia Napier.

The treasurer's report was called for; and read by Berta.  Motion for approval was called for with approval by Louise Shore 2nd by Wanda Wulfkammer.


There were no other committee reports.


Maricia Naper gave a talk on the gift basket she had brought that will be the prize for the person that attends the museums at Blue Springs, Grain Valley, Lone Jack and Oak Grove, and gets their Passport to History stamped at

each place.  She asked if she could get the items our society is donating, so that she might complete the basket and take a picture of it for each museum to have to display, denoting that we had done this for the Bi-Cennental.  Those gifts were given to her for our part of the participation.   We donated, 2 keychains, one of the 2019 Oak Grove Historical Society Logo wooden ornaments, and a 2014 blue glass ornament that denotes one of the Oak Grove Horse Shows of the past.


Pat commented on the article that Dianne Hord had put on the Historial website showcasing this year's parade.    She did a great job of listing all the groups that are involved in making the actual parade a very memorable event.

Pat commented that we will need people to man the 3 booths that we are to have set up along the parade route. One under the trees at the school, one at The Davis Center and one at the museum.  We will also need youth to canvas the crowds to collect donations for the Cowboys for Cops and the Historical Society.  Lois Young and Elaine Williams have agreed to work the booth at the School.  Contacts are being made to work the booth at the Davis Center, Jerry Booker and several others will work the booth at the museum.  Pat encouraged that those working at the booth to enlist a couple more people to stand with them, both for security and back up.

Berta added that the bags of items to sell are already prepared to be delivered on Saturday morning to each booth.  

Cowboys for Cops are working the papers with other organizations for advertisements.  Pat had a copy of this week's Focus with the ad that the Commercial Bank had sponsored.  There will be another ad to come out sponsored by Holly Wehner Insurance Agency and another of her agencies.  The Focus is making a commemorative issue of 12 pages, like the one that was printed in 1918 for us to sell.  Pat says these will sell for a dollar each.  Holly showed us the way she was going to use the ads to cover the canisters that will be used for donations.  One for Cowboys for Cops and one for Historical Society.  She also said she had found pinatas at Hobby Lobby in the shape of a boot and one like a treasure chest, that could be used for the youth to collect the funds in.  The business called "Chris Cakes" will be setting up at the museum, with the projected serving time at 8 am.  There will need to be tables, chairs, set up along with the marquee tent that John and LInda Boyd have purchased for the purpose of providing a roof over the area.  Pat added that he has made known that any non-profit organizations are welcome to have a booth and be a part of the day.  There will be a meeting on 24 July at 10 am at the museum, of the organizations of these groups to see where they might be able to set up their booths. The Boy Scouts are to handle the parking down at the horse arena.  The question was asked about protestors.  Pat said that all protests will have

to be handled thru the City.  Pat explained how the "Passport to History" was to be handled by being stamped at the 4 museums.  Rebecca is working on group or groups to do Breakfast and Lunch down at the Horse area that day.

Pat also, stated that the yard signs that will be put around in town and in the neighboring towns will cost $12.50 each made by S & S.  Pat also, shared that he wants to get back to having programs by September.

We discussed how and what we can do to get people interested in the museum and the society.

Motion to adjourn, by Wanda, and seconded by Lois.


Respectfully submitted

Berta Graham for Jerry Booker



Meeting Minutes

September 18, 2021

The Oak Grove Historical Society met on Sept 18, 2021.

There were 10 members present.

Meeting was called to order by Pres. Pat Costigan

Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance

The Minutes of the last meeting were read by Berta Graham in the absence of Jerry Booker.

These were approved by Louise Shore and seconded by John Boyd.

The treasurer's report was given by Berta Graham.

With Balance in checking of $3640.53 and the money market of $5261.03.

These were approved by Janie Brown and 2nd by Nadine Morgan.

There was no old business.

New Business consisted of:

Mike Johnson has donated very old newspapers; from World War I, and 1934, specifically.

Janie Brown suggests making posters of the Items and adding them to the proposed military room. 

A discussion was held as to the pictures for the 2022 calendar.

A discussion was held as to how to sell the calendars more efficiently.  Maybe thru City Hall or Local Businesses.

A trip or individuals trip to the Midwest Genealogical Center in Independence, was suggested, to learn how to use their offerings to benefit us.

The moving of the rooms and displays in the museum was discussed, in order to keep the museum more attractive.  Items needed for the museum, ie: display cases, lighting for the cases

And other necessities were discussed and the use of the memorial monies for this purpose.

Where a plaque would be made to attach, stating whom this was in memory of, to notate.

Pat asked for volunteers for a committee for this, no committee was formed.

Pat ask for help in installing two handrails in the building.  Rebecca Butters suggested, and will look into, making this an Eagle Scout project, as her Dad is a Scout leader.


John Boyd ask for a motion to purchase another thermostat for the

furnace/AC, motion made by Janie Brown and seconded by Marilyn Himmler.

Janie Brown volunteered to check with Oak Grove High School Principal to get status of obtaining a copy of all the OGHS Class Pictures from the walls of the school.

Pat Costigan will check with the other local Historical Societies to determine what days they are open, to see how it works for them. Then we can speak to our City about shortening our open days for the museum.

The program was a trivia on Missouri and other items by Berta Graham.

Motion to adjourn was made by Wanda Wulfekammer, with second by John Boyd.

Respectfully submitted by Janie Brown for Jerry Booker

Meeting Minutes

August, 2021

The Oak Grove Historical Society met August, 2021.

Guest and members present 9

Pledge of Allegiance 

Meeting called to order by President Pat Costigan


Secretary report Jerry Booker

Approved By Wanda W and Annette B

Treasurer report by Berta Graham

Money market $5,259.46  checking account.$4,470.02.

LickSkillet will be Oct. 22 and 23, we will have a booth selling ornaments , calendars, pens, key chains, afghans, and fans.  Volunteers are needed to help at booth.

Trick or treats will be Oct. 30th 


Cowboy for Cops was very pleased with the parade and would like to do it again next year

Motion to adjourn made by Marillyn H and Annette Booker

Secretary Jerry Booker

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