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Oak Grove Historical Society's

Bicentennial Calendar

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January – Governor Michael Parsons inauguration

February – President James Monroe – Missouri requesting statehood

March – Bicentennial quilt

April – Symbols of Missouri – bluebird, hawthorn, mule & motto

May – President Harry S. Truman & Independence home

June –Aerial view of Oak Grove Schools

July – Missouri State Flag

August –Congressman Henry Clay from Kentucky negotiating Missouri Compromise

September – Oak Grove Educators

October – Lewis & Clark with Sacagawea and their trail map

November – Harry S. Truman in Army uniform

December – Sledding down Frick Hill

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Cover Page

Oak Grove Historical Society 2019 calend

Oak Grove Historical Society's

2019 Calendar


This year's calendar has the plaque

and photograph from the late 1800's

commemorating Oak Grove's

Original Town Well on the cover


They are now on sale for $10 each.

You can contact any member of the Oak Grove

Historical Society to purchase one.


January - Oak Grove Post Office - July 1960, with Anna Robinson the postmistress. This is the same building at the law offices.

February - Oak Grove Civic Center - 1980

March - Oak Grove Cemetery before & after 2017 F-3 tornado

April -Oak Grove City Hall - 2018

May - Handmade Friendship Quilt, donated by Donna Brillhart and created by the Happy Homemakers club in Sni Mills - Mid 1930's

June - Oak Grove High School Senior Class - Class of 1969

July - Hot Air Balloon at New Aquatic Center - July 4, 2018

August - Old and New Water Tower on Frick Hill

September - Mary Turner's Card Table of Merchants

October - Fall Tree from Elmer & Lois Young's Yard

November - Veterans Memorial to WWII, Korea and Vietnam Killed in Action

December - Christmas Express from 2017

Oak Grove Historical Society's

2018 Cookbook


This cookbook includes recipes from the

1930's and 1940's along with more recent recipes. 

The cover is a photo of Hollis Dyer,

former president of the

Commercial Bank of Oak Grove.


 Some of the recipes did not show the cooking temperature because stoves burned wood and there were no gauges.  Measurements were not noted either. 

There are also historic photos with a small description

of what is shown.


They would make nice gifts for the holidays.

On Sale Now!

$14 each


2 for $25

You can contact any member of the Oak Grove

Historical Society to purchase one.

PLEASE NOTE the following corrections

in our 2018 Cookbook.


  • Page 23, "60 Minute Rolls" should bake for 12 minutes;

  • Page 31, Judy Noland's recipe for "Vegetable Salad" is actually "Vegetable Soup";

  • Page 49, "Scalloped Potatoes" is missing 1 can of Cream of Chicken soup; 

  • Page 98, "Shirley Shore's "Strawberry Cream Squares" should only have one can of crushed pineapple;

  • Page 100, Sue Shore's "Oatmeal Cake" is missing 1 cup of white sugar; and

  • Page 105, CeCe Morgan's recipe for "Cowboy Cookies" is missing 2 eggs at the top of the ingredients. 

  • Page 128, Callie (George) Middleton's "Fruit Pudding (cobbler)" is missing 1/2 cup sweet milk


Oak Grove Historical Society's
2020's Christmas Ornament

Each year we offer a beautiful

Christmas Ornament, featuring an Oak Grove

Historical Landmark. 


Price $10

Click Here to See All Available Ornaments for Sale


You can contact any member of the Oak Grove

Historical Society to purchase one.


Oak Grove Afghan

This beautiful afghan shown below was through the efforts

of Becky Dyer to create something that recorded a snapshot

of life in Oak Grove.

Churches play an important role in the community. She has

included a picture of the new fire station, the middle school,

the train depot, the Church of Jesus Christ Restoration Branch,

New Life Assembly of God, Community of Christ Church,

St Jude the Apostle Church, Oak Grove Christian Church,

Grace Baptist Church, Church of Christ and the

First Baptist Church of Oak Grove.

The afghans are one of our projects to raise funds

for the Oak Grove Historical Society.

They are now on sale for $40 each.

You can contact any member of the Oak Grove

Historical Society to purchase one.

The quality is excellent and they would be a wonderful gift

for the holidays to someone you know.