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2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Times

The Historical Society Meets on the 3rd Saturday of each Month,
10:00 a.m.

at the Oak Grove Historical Society, 1300 S Broadway, Oak Grove, MO



Meeting Minutes
September 19, 2015

Oak Grove Historical Society Meeting Minutes Sept 19th, 2015

26 Members and guests present

Call to Order by Berta Graham Treasurer, Presider Glen Lewis, Vice President, arrived late and deferred to Berta Graham Treasurer. Sharon Love, President was absent.
Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretaries' report read by Patty Petet. A correction was called for in the minutes. The correction was done. The treasurer's report was read by Berta Graham, Treasurer. A motion was made to accept and approve the corrected secretaries' report by Barb Lefholz and seconded by Jerry Booker. Motion to accept the Treasurer's report was made by Pat Lewis and seconded by Julie Payne. Both were voted on and approved. Gerry Stanley spoke about an article in the Odessan about area residents who did not return from wars. In the article by Linda Gillis photos were included. Gerry had a list he passed around with the names. Some of the names included were Perry and Clampitt. The article made reference to many past wars. The meeting was turned over to guest speaker, Mary Turner.

Mary presented part of some of her collections. She brought items that women used in their homes before electricity was widely available in Oak Grove. She presented vintage irons, washboards, brown glass Clorox bottles, powder starch, stovetop toasters, slug iron insulators, soap savers, and early pan scrubbers. FDR wanted electricity so Co-ops were formed. Electricians did not do the work initially. It was done by businessmen and community leaders. In 1947 Atherton got electricity. Glen Lewis remembered getting electricity. Most people got radios first, or had a single light bulb. Some people used wind chargers to light a lamp. Some people used carbide lights. Carbide is a crystal that when combined with water, acetylene gas forms. Mary showed a carbide powered iron. By the 1930's census, there was a box to check regarding whether or not the household had a radio. Later people got TV's . Soap companies sponsored shows that people came to call soap operas. By the 1950's most people had electricity. The Fuller brush man, the Watkins man, and the Manor bread man were important. Members shared stories about remembering when they got electricity, or when they used kerosene.

Mary concluded and more business was conducted. It was discussed about having Kaye Wheaton as a speaker. He could discuss Sammy Graham's genealogy. If that didn't work out the group asked Mary Turner to return as back up. Louise Shore talked about her tour of the Lee's Summit Museum. Kathy Smith is head of the museum. It sounded like an exciting prospect for a Field Trip for our Society.

Berta Graham showed an article from 1985 when our member Helen Owings was First Lady of Oak Grove. We are considering framing the article. The decision was made to honor her in October, she has been ill. Sending her a card was discussed. A motion was made by Pat Lewis to buy her an afghan; it was seconded by Mary Turner, voted on and approved. Berta Graham also showed us a print called "The Decision" by Al Kennedy. It is an image of President Truman. Berta will have it framed. Special treats were arranged for in October. We will have cake and punch. Motion to dismiss by Julie Payne, seconded by Mary Turner, we were dismissed by Berta Graham.

Respectfully Submitted,

Patty Petet, Secretary


Meeting Minutes
August 15, 2015


Oak Grove Historical Society Meeting Minutes August 15th, 2015

25 people present, consisting of members and guests.

Opening and call to order by President Sharon Love

Pledge of Allegiance

Treasurer Berta Graham was absent. President Sharon Love discussed the profit from the Bluegrass Festival in Berta's absence. Vice President Glen Lewis was absent. Treasurer's report read by Sharon Love. A motion made by Anne Hallier, was seconded, voted on, and approved. Minutes from last month’s meeting read by Secretary Patty Petet. Motion made by Pat Lewis, seconded by Donna Rice, and approved. Business discussed: Afghan project, ornaments, calendars, t-shirts found, and the Blue grass Festival. Donna Rice suggested a cookbook project. President Sharon Love thanked everyone. A copy of the Oak Grove Banner was passed around. It was discussed that we do a silent auction next year at the Festival instead of a raffle.

Meeting was adjourned for the guest speaker Karen Epperson. Karen was assisted by her daughter Christine Hutchings Munze. Karen's husband was present, as was Mr. and Mrs. Larry Moore, her second cousin. Mr. Moore is also credited with being a care taker of the Gosney cemetery. Karen gave a powerpoint presentation about the Gosneys. Her daughter helped. The Gosneys were Confederates during the civil war. They helped found Oak Grove and the surrounding area in 1833, the year of the meteor shower. Karen's mother did extensive genealogy after her father died. The Gosney Reunion is in the fall. The Gosney's married into the Corn family. The Gosneys were associated with Cole Younger. Gosneys were in the Battle of Lone Jack, Jefferson City Battle, and Appomattox. Members of the Gosney family attended the Confederate Reunion. Gary and Karen ( Arnette) Epperson now live in Oak Grove.

Mary Turner will be the speaker for September.

When the presentation was over, the group was dismissed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Secretary Patty Petet


Meeting Minutes
June 20, 2015

Oak Grove Historical Society Meeting Minutes, June 20th 2015, Approximately 10 members present.
Sharon Love, President, absent, Glen Lewis, Vice President absent. Presiding was Berta Graham Treasurer.

Call to Order

Pledge Of Allegiance

Update on members that are ill. Perry Dunkerson is in a nursing home. Cindy Taylor has a fractured ankle.

Our Guest speaker was Alinda Miller of the Lone Jack Historical Society. An apology was given to Alinda as we didn’t get the meeting in the Oak Grove Banner.

Alinda gave a Power point presentation on the Battle of Lone Jack. The Commemoration of the Battle of Lone Jack will be on the 15th of August. There is a Boy Scout pancake breakfast, and a Parade at 09:00. Alinda spoke about all the units in the Battle being from Missouri except Indiana Battery #3. It occurred on August 16th of 1862. She spoke about Order 19. Everyone had to declare their loyalty to a side. In 1862 the garrison in Independence fell to the Confederates. Names of Soldiers mentioned were Coffee, Hays, and Cockrell. Three leaders got lost they were Fitz, Warren, and Blunt. It was a bloody battle. She talked about the role President Truman played in getting the museum opened. The museum closed for a time but the Helmigs, Spainhauers, and Faulkenberry’s helped reopen it. 11 more graves have been found due to recent research. She talked about how the South won, but Missouri was not officially Confederate. Most in the Lone Jack area were Confederate, or Confederate sympathizers. In the early 1900’s a man named Roney wanted a Union monument. He went to great expense, and did a lot or work, but was largely unsuccessful. He started a monument and others finished it to a certain degree. Southern sympathizers tried to thwart his attempts, trying to destroy the work he had done. President Truman wanted a Union monument as well.

General meeting:
There was discussion about the Blue Grass Festival. Our membership needs to volunteer to work the event. Our membership needs to donate pies. There was a discussion about Louise Shore’s photos that she does as a courtesy for people. She gets so many requests that she needs to charge for the photos. It takes a lot of time and effort on her part. It was voted on and seconded that the charge should be $5.00 per photo.

There was discussion about an Oak Grove Monopoly board.

There was discussion about the Calendar that Cindy Taylor and Louise Shore are doing. The calendar was Shirley Petet’s idea. The calendar has done very well. Photos for the calendar were put on display.

Our speaker for July is Karen Epperson.

Mary Turner will speak in August.

Sharon Love has the refreshment list.

For the Blue grass Festival (more discussion): Hand bills are made. Sponsorship letters will go out on Monday. S&S printing will do the signs.

The 1st Saturday in September Oak Grove has a garage type sale.

Motion was made to adjourn, was seconded, voted on and passed.

Respectfully Submitted,
Patty Petet Secretary

Meeting Minutes
April 18, 2015

April 18th, 2015 Meeting
22 persons present, consisting of members and guests .
Meeting called to order by President Sharon Love
Pledge of Allegiance

Our guest speakers were Paul Clampitt and Daniel Ashley. They spoke about their "Antique Modernizing" project. Paul Clampitt researched the history of the land, and the owners of the house on the land. The land deeds dated back to the 1820's. The house changed hands many times, but had been in his family for a long time. The project took from August 2014 to April 2015. Paul and his son took great care to respect the architecture of the period, but updated the house to make it practical and useful. He left his research for all to see. They had a Power Point presentation. ( I took extensive notes on the presentation for future reference.)

Treasure's report was read by Treasurer Berta Graham. A brief discussion was had about the old building and business pertaining to the Treasurer's report. A motion was made and approved to accept the Treasurer's report.

The Minutes from the March meeting were read by Secretary Patty Petet. A motion was made by Louise Shore to accept the minutes, it was seconded by Cindy Taylor and approved.

Berta Graham is moving things from the building into a storage space. We will have insurance to cover these activities. The Civil Air Patrol may help. Cindy Taylor and Louise Shore to assist.

Project updates:
We have an inventory of ornaments. Ornaments will be sold at future events.
There is progress on the afghan project.
Cindy Taylor is helping on the History Book project. Karen Findley brought a box of photos, (some of which were taken by Wallace Johnson) and donated it for the book project.
There was some work done on the calendar project.
There has been a lot of work done of the Blue Grass Festival to be held Saturday August 1st at Horseshoe Park.
Cards were passed around for sick members .
Joyce McCrander is working on a new brochure for the OG Historical Society.

Motion made to adjourn, seconded, voted on and passed.

Respectfully Submitted,
Patty Petet Secretary

Meeting Minutes
March 21, 2015

March 21st 2015
Members were counted, we had 13 plus members
Call to Order.
Pledge of Allegiance

November and January Meeting Minutes were read. Motion was made by CeeCee Morgan, to accept the minutes. The motion was seconded, voted on, and accepted.

Berta Graham read the Treasurer's report. Louise Shore made the motion to accept the report, Anne Hallier seconded it. It was voted on and accepted.

We owe Dianne Hord for the cost of the website server. Dianne is trying to contact Sharon Love about this.

We discussed the three Historical inquiries from the Website. We do not have a protocol to answer inquiries at present. Louise Shore and Karen Findley have been responding on an as they are able basis. There was also a discussion about OGHS website computer issues. Volunteers are needed to help with inquiries. Members volunteered to help with the inquiries discussed at the meeting. Inquiry one was about a house at 708 SW Broadway. Another inquiry was about Fielding Winton and 2 Oak Grove Methodist churches, and an outdoor plaque. (Cee Cee Morgan and Kathy Dowell to assist Lynn Stierwalt.) Another inquiry was about 7806 S. Hillside School Road. Someone offered to ask Jack Hackley about this. There was a conversation about computer issues and our website.

We will try to have the ornaments for this year available in time for the class Reunion in June. The Gymnasium will be on this year’s ornament. Karen Findley and Becky Dyer are working on this. Joan Fore may donate all of her ornaments for resale. Becky Dyer is working on the afghan project.

Cindy Taylor and Patty Petet will work on the Calender. We will try to have it done by October. The History book is being updated. We will try to have it ready for the Reunion also.

Julie Payne will chair the oral history project. Pat Lewis will try to get the High School Project going again.

A lot of work has been done on the Bluegrass Festival. We are working on getting everything in place for the festival. We are working on getting insurance for our Society. Berta Graham is working on this. We are also working on transferring items out of the old building into storage.

Speakers: April: Mr. Clampitt, May: Jerry Stanley, Oak Grove Cemetery and Find a grave project. June: Alinda Miller and the Lone Jack Historic Society

Berta and Pat Lewis to do refreshments in April.
Louise Shore made motion to adjourn. Anne Hallier seconded it.
Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,
Patty Petet

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