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John George (in front) worked in the George Historic Cemetery preparing informative boards about life during the Civil War. The Oak Grove High School industrial arts class made the stanchions for the boards. Furnished by Marilyn George.
Children Reading Oak Grove Banner
This photo was in a book, The History of Jackson County.
Harvest Crew
Another crew during harvest time.
Furnished by Wallace Johnson
Family Threshing Crew
The threshing crews traveled from farm to farm. There were several families in Oak Grove that harvested the crops around the community. Furnished by Warren Thomas
Charles Petty's Military Display
Charles Petty created a display for Veterans' Day 2012. It was displayed in the store, Scavenger Hunt, and at the open house of the Oak Grove HIstorical Society.
Furnished by Louise Shore
Boys in a Parade with Goats & Wagon
Bill and Elmer Young participated in a parade advertising for Les George. They are across the street from the drug store and barber shop.
Furnished by Elmer Young
Bill & Elmer Young With Goats
Bill and Elmer's father, John Young, purchased the two goats for Bill and Elmer to entertain themselves. John made the harnesses for the team of goats. This was a vacant lot near their home. Furnished by Elmer Young
100th Webb Reunion at Frick Park
August 10, 2014. A new shelter house has been built in Webb Park. A joint effort between the Webb Family and Oak Grove's Park & Recreation dept. are responsible for it's existence. Furnished by Berta Webb
Oak Grove Horse Show
Courtesy of Hollis Dyer
John & Hugh Ayers 1903
Courtesy of Hollis Dyer
Oak Grove Marching Band
The Marching Band on Broadway, looking south.
Courtesy of Hollis Dyer
Horse Show Flower Parade 1911
Contributed by Wallace Johnson
Oak Grove, MO
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John & Hugh Ayers 1903

Courtesy of Hollis Dyer